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Troop 8 always places high in the Klondike and this year was no different with the Troop 8 filling up the podiums at the 2022 Klondike! The two sleds in the senior division took first and second home—with a significant lead on third place—and the sled in the junior division took third! Everyone came home with hardware! This was all despite a frigid start to the day but all the scouts warmed up by running from station to station showing off their skills in shooting, pioneering, orienteering, first-aid, fire-building, cooking, nature, scout lore, and shelter building.  And we cannot forget to give a special shout-out to the adults who ran Kodiak!


Klondike Prep

This last Sunday, the scouts braved the frigid morning air and went out to prepare for an upcoming scouting competition, the Klondike. They practiced shelter-building skills, first aid, cooking, knot tying, fire-building, orienteering, and their nature knowledge. This is an excellent refresher that the scouts go through every year to prepare for the Klondike. Troop 8 has a tradition of dominating the competition for the junior and senior sleds and this year will be no different!


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