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Scouts advance through the ranks by completing the requirements for each rank. Scouting is scout run, especially for Troop 8, which means that scouts are responsible for advancing other scouts. Visit the website to learn more about all the available advancements and awards.

Scouts bring their scout books to meetings and campouts and work with their patrol leaders to fulfill the requirements. Oftentimes the advancement of older scouts requires them to advance younger scouts.

For beginning ranks, most of the requirements are skills and activity-based. As scouts advance up the ranks, the requirements begin to require Positions of Responsibility (PORs) for certain lengths of time, as we all participating in and eventually running and leading service projects to give back to the community.

Advancement also requires the completion of merit badges.

Once a scout has worked with other scouts and merit badge counselors to fulfill the requirements of their rank, they would have a Scoutmaster Conference with either the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster. Once the scout has successfully completed the Scoutmaster Conference, they then would have a Board of Review. Successful completion of the Board of Review earns the scout the rank. Scouts must be in their full Class A uniform in order to conduct a Scoutmaster Conference or Board of Review.

Scout Ranks:



Second Class

First Class




If you have questions about advancement please contact us. If you are a parent, we would encourage you to encourage your scout, to communicate directly with their Patrol Leader.

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