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Boy Scouts of America Prepared for Life


2 Crews, 11 Scouts, and 4 ASMs mushed Dogsleds into the Umbagog, a wilderness area bordering Maine and New Hampshire. This trip was a first for Troop 8, and hopefully not the last. We learned about dogs, sleds, winter, skiing, clothing, the Inuits and more.

Troop 8 Hits the Slopes!

Scouts from Troop 8 hit the slopes of Mountain Creek for a day of skiing on Saturday, Feb 12.


Troop 8 always places high in the Klondike and this year was no different with the Troop 8 filling up the podiums at the 2022 Klondike! The two sleds in the senior division took first and second home—with a significant lead on third place—and the sled in the junior division took third! Everyone came home with hardware! This was all despite a frigid start to the day but all the scouts warmed up by running from station to station showing off their skills in shooting, pioneering, orienteering, first-aid, fire-building, cooking, nature, scout lore, and shelter building.  And we cannot forget to give a special shout-out to the adults who ran Kodiak!

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