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Merit Badges

Email Mr. Shaw if you need a Merit Badge Blue Card.

Process for Earning Merit Badges at Troop 8:
A list of all merit badges (there are more than 135) are published at To earn the rank of Eagle a minimum of 21 merit badges are required. Thirteen (13) merit badges are from a required list.

The Merit Badge Process (when working on merit badges outside of Summer Camp):

  • Once you have identified a merit badge that you would like to work on, you should send an email to Mr. Shaw (form below), to request a merit badge card (commonly called a blue card).
  • Mr. Shaw will approve your request by issuing you with a signed merit badge card containing the name and contact information of a merit badge counselor. He will mail them to you.
  • Get in touch with the merit badge counselor and explain that you want to earn a merit badge.
  • The counselor may ask to meet you to explain what is expected and to start helping you meet the requirements.
  • You should also discuss work you have already started or possibly completed.
  • Note a number of merit badges require approval from the merit badge counselor prior to start working on the requirements.
  • At completion of the merit badge work the Merit Badge Counselor will sign the blue card. He/she will also keep one third for his records. The blue card(s) may be mailed to your counselor.
  • Return the rest of the blue card (2 sections) to Mr. Shaw via mail (use the contact form for his address if you need it)
  • Merit badges are presented to all scouts at Courts of Honor.

Eagle Required Merit Badges are:

  1. First Aid
  2. Citizenship in the Community
  3. Citizenship in the Nation
  4. Citizenship in the World
  5. Communication
  6. Cooking
  7. Personal Fitness
  8. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving
  9. Environmental Science OR Sustainability
  10. Personal Management
  11. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling
  12. Camping
  13. Family Life

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