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Trips System FAQ

  • How does this thing work?
    • The scout registers with the system and sets and email and password,
    • Scouts signup for trips
    • An email is sent to the parent requesting approval .
    • The email has a link that allow the parent to ‘approve’ the trip and pay for it on line.


  • My son doesn’t have his own email account. How do I register and use this system?

Simply register using your email address. Also provide the same email address
for parent #1. The system is designed for scouts, but, we will remove some of
unneeded steps when we detect a parent is doing some of the scout-specific processes.

  • I wont use Paypal. What else can I do?

Bring a check to the next meeting.

  • I have other questions or suggestions.  Who do I ask?

We want to make this easy for scouts, leaders, and parents to use. Please email and we’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

  • What other features are planned?
    • Scout account integration
    • Drivers insurance log
    • Improving medical forms management,


  • I am an adult leader. My son and I use the same email. How do I proceed?

Many email systems support ‘subaddressing’ where you can create an unlimited number
aliases for yourself by appending ‘+’ and a phrase to the username portion of your email.
For instance, if my email is ‘’ people can also send mail
to me as ‘’ and it appears in the same inbox. gmail, verizon, and yahoo do support this technique. does not support this method.

  • How do I get my trip or event  put on the system? 

Create a one-page flyer identifying the trip dates, cost, gear pull, signup by date, and other fun stuff.   Send this flyer along with any questions you need to ask those signing up, e.g., can you drive, etc, to Ed Guy.

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