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Boards of Review Volunteers Needed

Dear Troop 8,

Each month we conduct Boards of Reviews (BORs) for the scouts. This is scheduled after a scout has their Scout Master Conference and the scout’s book is signed. This means the scout is now ready to have his advancement Board of Review.

I’d like to invite you to volunteer to serve on the board. You can volunteer anytime it is convenient for you. BORs are listed in the weekly Troop 8 newsletter.

All volunteers are required to take the Youth Protection Training (YPT)online. There are three videos and a test at the end. The link is:  Note that this is an UPDATED YPT course.  This includes even those who still have time before the previous YPT is expired.

If you are doing this for the first time, you’ll need to create an account first. Those already registered simply login. Upon successful completion, you’ll be sent a copy of your certificate within 24 hours. Print or save for your records and forward a copy to Ann Marie Miller.

We meet right after the opening of the scout meeting. This is a great way to meet other parents and scouts, learn a great deal about the scout’s activities and experiences, and gain insights into what your own son can be doing and learning.

Contact me via the form below or contact the Scoutmaster if you would like the email and phone contact information for Mrs. Miller.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Yours in Scouting,
Ann Marie Miller

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