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Troop 8 Popcorn selling season is entering week four-the halfway point-   this is the ONLY Troop 8 annual fundraiser and the proceeds assist the troop in ensuring we have the absolute best gear and equipment for our scouts.  EVERY scout who participates in any Troop 8 event is expected to sell popcorn OR write a personal check for $150.

SCOUTS and PARENTS-  we count on and need your full participation and support.

The following are some helpful dates to remember and post on your fridge. These are firm dates with no exceptions.

1) Last day to sell popcorn is Saturday October 26, 2013.

2) All orders of popcorn and desired prize choices are due by Sunday October 27, 2013- please place in an envelope with the Scout name and Patrol on the envelope and order form(s). Deliver order forms PERSONALLY to Mr. Britt at 1 Colonial Way, Chatham, NJ. DO NOT give orders to any other individual- they will get lost or misplaced. Orders may be submitted prior to Oct 27.

3) Troop 8 Order will be submitted on Monday October 28, 2013. There are no extensions.If I don’t have your order, I can’t include it in the Troop 8 master order.

4) Popcorn pickup by PATROL LEADER or designate will be on November 16-17.  Patrol Leader picks up Patrol order then arranges distribution to his patrol. There is no individual pickup other than extremely large individual orders.  Mr. Britt will authorize individual pickup as required.

5) All checks are PAYABLE TO TROOP 8

6) SCOUTS- please no cash submitted with your orders. Please ask your parent to submit a check, Payable to Troop 8,  for all received cash and submit with other received checks.

7) Minimum Individual Scout requirement is $ 150 sales.  Families with 2 or more scouts in Troop 8 have a $ 100 per scout sales minimum. $ 150 sales is approximately 9 boxes of popcorn and requires no more than 90 minutes of effort to support the Troop and ensures we are able to purchase the best gear and equipment for our scouts.

8) All Scout sales in excess of $150 are credited to the individual Scout’s  Scout account whereby they receive 50% of ALL SALES PROFIT for their personal purchases of approved Troop 8 items and events-  such as summer camp, uniforms, Troop 8 field trips etc.

9) Encourage Military donations to overcome the ” we don’t like/eat popcorn” objections from customers.


Please contact Mr. Britt at 973-635-8959 or at with any questions.

Good luck and good selling!

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